December 16, 2017

EOC Common Core Math 1 Preparation

Common Core Math 1 – End of Grade Test – EOC PREP

Apex Learning Center offers a 90-minute intensive study session to prepare students for the NEW EOC for Common Core Math 1 (formerly Algebra 1).
The standards and objectives have changed and the test is different! The new test has: Calculator INACTIVE sections, Non-multiple choice sections (must grid in actual answer), and some of the topics covered are different from the previous EOC exam. Questions will be multi-step questions and more challenging.


Class offers:

  • Actual sample test problems so you know what to expect
  • Hands on experience working the problems –not just listening to lecture
  • Information about the test and the changes
  • Calculator help – solving for zeros, maximums, minimums, linear, quadratic, and exponential regressions, using the table funtion to help solve problems (Students must bring a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator to session.)
  • Study help – know WHAT to study after our class is over, how best to focus your time
  • Learn potential problems that your class may have skipped (the curriculum is new and not all teachers may have covered all topics that are on the exam.)
  • Know how to be prepared for the Calculator Inactive part of the exam


Class can be arranged as a 1:1 close to finals at Dr. Gregorio’s new home office:  cost:  $150

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